Fire Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Fire prevention systems and equipment must be properly maintained so they are ready to protect you and your company if a fire occurs. Rieve Fire Protection provides this needed fire system inspection, testing and maintenance.

Our NICET-certified inspectors inspect all types of fire protection systems and equipment, including wet systems, dry systems, pre-action systems, fire pumps, pressurized tanks, standpipes, and more. Our inspection process conforms with NFPA-25 standards.

Have fire extinguishers? Rieve does annual inspections and recharging of fire extinguishers. Our inspections cover:

  • Code compliance with NFPA10
  • Assessing and ensuring proper location and accessibility
  • Extinguishers are set at the proper pressure and weight
  • Prompt recharging and repair of any deficient units
  • Full customer report and individual unit tags

Need new extinguishers? Rieve sells and installs all major brands of portable fire extinguishers including:

  • ABC Multipurpose
  • CO2 and clean agent
  • Water and Water mist
  • West Chemical and K Class
  • D Class Dry Powder

Just call us at (203) 797-0142 and we’re happy to do a free on-site inspection of your current fire protection system and equipment.

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Bethel CT 06801

Tel: (203) 790-5060
Fax: (203) 790-4015

  • Connecticut License Registry
  • F1 - 011024 Unlimited Fire Protection Contractor
  • AST - 0000068 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician
  • P1 - 203008 Unlimited Plumbing and S1 - 303648 Unlimited Heating
  • NY-Westchester County Master Plumber
  • NICET Certifications
  • NICET-II in Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Fire Systems
  • NICET-III Water-Based Automatic Sprinkler Systems Layout
  • Afsa
  • Homefire sprinkler
  • Nicet
  • nfpa