Fire Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Fire prevention systems and equipment must be properly maintained so they are ready to protect you and your company if a fire occurs. Rieve Fire Protection provides this needed fire system inspection, testing and maintenance.

Our NICET-certified inspectors inspect all types of fire protection systems and equipment, including wet systems, dry systems, pre-action systems, fire pumps, pressurized tanks, standpipes, and more. Our inspection process conforms with NFPA-25 standards.

Have fire extinguishers? Rieve does annual inspections and recharging of fire extinguishers. Our inspections cover:

  • Code compliance with NFPA10
  • Assessing and ensuring proper location and accessibility
  • Extinguishers are set at the proper pressure and weight
  • Prompt recharging and repair of any deficient units
  • Full customer report and individual unit tags

Need new extinguishers? Rieve sells and installs all major brands of portable fire extinguishers including:

  • ABC Multipurpose
  • CO2 and clean agent
  • Water and Water mist
  • West Chemical and K Class
  • D Class Dry Powder

Just call us at (203) 797-0142 and we’re happy to do a free on-site inspection of your current fire protection system and equipment.

Residential Fire Protection

Your home is your safety, your security and your most valued – and valuable – asset. Let Rieve Fire Protection make sure it’s protected from fires that cause damage or total loss.

We offer a wide range of residential fire protection options, including residential sprinkler systems featuring low profile heads and a small self-contained water supply, which only activates when the fire is directly below the sprinkler head.

For new construction, we work with your builder, general contractor or architect to design a system that matches your home’s needs and interior decor.

If your home is already protected, we can inspect the system to make sure it is in good working order.

Call us at (203) 797-0142 to make sure your home has all the fire protection it needs!

Residential Fire Protection

Commercial Fire Protection

Commercial fire protection and fire sprinkler systems have been Rieve Fire Protection’s specialty for more than 25 years. Whether you need a completely new system or are looking to update your current system, Rieve will offer you custom solutions from concept through installation through final inspection and ensure your system is in complete compliance with all regulations and codes.

We custom design and install fire protection systems for any type of commercial space, including:

  • Class A office buildings
  • Mixed use development
  • Warehousing/storage facilities
  • Multi-family housing
  • Retail or restaurant space
  • New construction
  • Existing spaces undergoing remodeling

Commercial Fire Protection

Our licensed technicians work with general contractors, construction companies, facilities managers, engineers, architects, building management companies, and business owners to determine the best system for the space. We offer a wide range of commercial fire protection systems, including:

  • Wet systems
  • Dry (air-filled) systems
  • Specialty systems for sensitive equipment
  • Systems that rely on city water or fire pump applications
  • Fire Department standpipe systems

Once the system is installed, we can maintain the system to ensure it is working properly and in compliance with the most current building codes, insurance and liability requirements, and local regulations.

If you already have a fire protection system, we can give you an assessment of your system to ensure you are properly protected.

Call us at (203)797-0142 to make sure your company has all the fire protection it needs!