Newbury Village Coach Homes

Similar to many other multi building residential developments we have built over the years. Newbury Village has three buildings of multi-story residential over fully enclosed private parking. The units are all custom trimmed with concealed sprinklers heads. The buildings are protected by NFPA 13-R residential sprinkler systems in the wood framed portion, and a full NFPA 13 commercial dry system in the garage space below the concrete pedestal base. The building also has Class-I manual standpipes in each emergency staircase. The residential system is installed utilizing CPVC piping which allows for quick and economical installation.

Greater Danbury Community Health Center

Greater Danbury Health Community Center

A four story landmark medical services building in the heart of Danbury CT. The building was protected with an automatic wet pipe sprinkler system and an automatic Class-I standpipe system fed from city water and an electric fire pump. Building utilizes floor control shut-offs on each level to maximize building protection during any partial system shutdown for maintenance or renovation. System was installed with full seismic protection, and flexible drops for sprinkler heads to accommodate a compact system design to work around the many other needed mechanical systems for the buildings operation.